Your account or IP address has been blocked from editing Wikinews by $1.

  • Start of block: $8
  • Block expiry date: $6
  • Intended blockee: $7

The reason given for the block is:

If you believe the block is unjustified, you may add {{unblock|your reason here}} to your talk page to contest it, if your talk page has not been protected from editing. Alternatively, you may be able to contact $1 or one of the other administrators on IRC to discuss the block. You may also e-mail the admin who blocked you using the "e-mail user" link on their user page, by clicking here, if you have not been blocked from sending email as well. The receiving administrator, as well as yourself, will need to have registered an e-mail address in order to do this.

Your IP address is $3. It is recommended that you include this address in any queries that you make.

  • Were you blocked because your IP address was suspected of being a open proxy? Please note that Wikinews does not allow editing from open proxies due to the potential for editing abuse. However, open proxies occasional close themselves, and a non-proxy IP might get caught up in the block, preventing users from editing. If the IP you are using is no longer an open proxy, or you believe that the block was made in error, please go to your talk page and add {{unblock|No longer open proxy}} to it. An administrator will then check the status of the IP and unblock it if it is no longer an open proxy.