Mayor under investigation in San Jose, CA, USA for spending without consent

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

San Jose, California mayor Ron Gonzales is being investigated by the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office. Gonzales is accused of secretly agreeing to pay $11 million in city funds to waste disposal company Norcal Waste Systems, without notice or approval by the city council. The scandal has already resulted in an independent investigation, civil grand jury proceedings, Gonzales's censure by the council, and council members calling for his resignation or removal from office.

In a statement responding to the DA's investigation, Gonzales announced he has hired Allen Ruby, a high-profile Silicon Valley attorney, to represent him in this matter. Ruby has previously represented the National Football League in lawsuits against Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Gonzales's statement also supported the decision of the DA to conduct further investigations into the city's contract.