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The best 'about me' you'll find is here, or maybe here. If you're into ego-stroking (and who amongst us doesn't like to boast occasionally?), that can be found here.

I'm an admin, if you're looking for one of those (mops up vandalism, does housekeeping, etc). I'm a 'crat if you're looking for one of those, too (deals with username change reqs). I'm also an accredited reporter, which means the community feels it trusts me with an email address and access to any embargoed material we may be handling.

My aim of late is to try and produce quality original material. A speciality I'm developing there involves interviewing academics about their research. Within the sciences, biology, mental health, and marine science are my things; other interests are aviation, disasters and accidents (including their prevention), and crime. Some of these are also capable of being interlinked.