Global premiere of Lordi horror movie Dark Floors next month in Oulu, Finland

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lordi opening This year's Eurovision Song Contest

It has been announced that the global premiere of the Lordi horror movie Dark Floors will be on February 8 in Oulu, Finland. Lordi, a Finnish theatrical hard rock band, will also perform at the premiere.

The event will take place at the Oulun Energia Areena, home of the Oulun Kärpät, a team in the SM-liiga, the Finnish National Hockey League. The premiere will be the nation's largest, and is a co-operative measure by Northern Film, Media Foundation POEM and Oulun Kärpät.

The film is based on an original concept by director Pete Riski, who directed all Lordi music videos, and the band's frontman and lead vocalist. Made in English with a United Kingdom cast except for the band, Lordi appear in their famous monster costumes playing a group of monsters terrorising a group of people trapped in a hospital. Blabbermouth reports that the film is expected to become an international success.

The end credits of the movie will feature the Lordi song Beast Loose in Paradise, which was released as a single late last month.

Oulun Energia Areena in Oulu, Finland

Riski directed the film, which was produced by Markus Selin and written by Pekka Lehtosaari. The project started after an interview with Lordi's vocalist in which he suggested Selin contact him over an idea he had had for a film. Solar Films produced the film in co-operation with Northern Film, Media Foundation POEM and the North Finland Film Commission.

Oulu is considered a good choice for the premiere, as it has a reputation amongst Finns as the "film-friendly town up north" and because Dark Floors was filmed there over the course of summer 2007. 5,000 people are expected to attend the premiere and accompanying show. Tickets became available today at

The concept for Lordi was conceived in 1992, however, the band wasn't officially formed until 1996 by Tomi Putaansuu. Lordi won the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with a record 292 points, giving Finland its first ever victory.