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Friendly fire killing of Lance Corporal Matty Hull deemed unlawful

Friday, March 16, 2007


A Scimitar tank.

In a narrative verdict, the Coroner investigating the death of UK soldier Lance Corporal Matty Hull, who was killed in a friendly fire incident in Iraq on 28 March 2003, has ruled that his killing was unlawful.

L.Cpl Hull, who was from the Household Cavalry, died inside his blazing Scimitar tank when it was attacked 25 miles north of Basra by a US "tankbuster" aircraft. Four other soldiers were injured in the incident. Video footage from the cockpit of the aircraft was shown privately to his family during the inquest.

The US authorities were uncooperative throughout the proceedings and refused to give evidence, only allowing the cockpit footage to be shown after it had been leaked to a British tabloid newspaper.