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WIKINEWS / Panel Reporting on S.K. Military Parade023:00, 13 October 2013

WIKINEWS / Panel Reporting on S.K. Military Parade

Nice Article - all participants were, obviously, extremely well informed - 'KUDOS'! But, it's a little like Preaching to the Choir. There's really no reason for the South Koreans to fear REAL MILITARY AGGRESSION from Pyongyang. That's because the North Korean State is an Anachronism - a feudal Slave State - run by ONE FAMILY, for THEIR Benefit only, with the help of a (numerically) powerful Military, State Security and State Press. The N.K. Population leads a truly LOUSY life - but cannot change it. No more than the German Population could have - even if they had wanted to - in the Dictatorship existing between 1933 and 1945. And - since the Ruling Family in North Korea is well aware what THEIR fate would be after a (short) war, they'll NEVER start one to begin with.. Recent History vividly demonstrates what happens to Dictators, or dictatorially ruling Families - they just DISAPPEAR, as if they'd never existed... And - if memory serves in the aftermath of WW Two - with the Ruling Clique all committing Suicide - their HELPERS, i.e. a large group of Citizens who had benefitted handsomely by unquestioningly supporting the Party In Power to the bitter End - disappearing RAPIDLY into the woodwork.. THEY were SAVED from ignominious Second-Class status, for the next 30 Years, o n l y by the emerging Cold War, with the American Victors being forced to change their Priorities, realizing they would probably need the organizational help (be it ever as distasteful morally) of the guilty-but-experienced Ex-Nazis in rapidly rebuilding West Germany as a Basis to confront the Soviet Union. But, this was an exception to the rule! - The Southern States, after 1865, the War lost, had no such luck during Reconstruction for a long time AND T H E Y weren't even age-old historical Enemies - nor had the South been ruled by ONE FAMILY !

No - the Pyongyang will NEVER confront the West militarily. I believe that their (modest) Nuclear Arsenal serves them strictly as an Insurance Policy

against INVASION - they could see, in Iraq, what can happen if the Western World gets serious about Regime Change - the outcome is foreordained!

Good Governance in any Country is demonstrated by MOST-if not All - members of Society living good and secure lives. SWITZERLAND and SWEDEN 

have reached that state for some time now (of course, their Populations are relatively small and homogeneous - which helps). North Koreans, by and large, are also of the same race and culture. But, they are all SUBJECTS of O N E Family - that is to say: SLAVES.....and will remain so until such time that things get SO BAD, with Mass Starvations and Penal Re-Education Camps, that they finally rise up against their Masters - but THAT can never be achieved from the Outside World (not even by CHINA). That's unfortunate, but a fact. They'll have to do it by themselves.. Therefore: Just DISREGARD all the Verbal Agression, Bluster and Threats emanating from Pyongyang - it means Nothing. Just QUARANTINE N.K. as much as is possible... NO OUTSIDE HELP WILL BENEFIT THE N.KOREAN PEOPLE ANYWAY - no matter WHAT the West (or, China) does. And P A R A D E S won't help either. On the contrary, those will help the Regime to claim Western agressive Intent and demand further sacrifices from their own people. I believe that military parades are counterproductive... (talk)23:00, 13 October 2013