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This flap about e-mails is [IMHO] a distraction 213:42, 28 May 2013

This flap about e-mails is [IMHO] a distraction

Of course some people care about how the gov. tries to "spin" certain stories, perhaps to achieve certain "political" goals... which a given taxpayer^H^H^H voter might or might not like. Those people will probably love this story.

However, IMHO it would be more interesting to find out more about what happened before (and, during) the Benghazi attack on Sept. 11, 2012. Were there some administration officials, or people from the FBI or the CIA or the military, etc., who made decisions based on some ulterior motives that we do not [now] know about? Did they perhaps give lower priority THEN, to protecting the lives of our ambassador and other Americans in Libya? (lower than the priority of achieving some "other" objectives? -- goals that [perhaps] we are not hearing about?)

I think there might be "more to" this story, than what has become publicly known "so far". IMHO that is the real story. YMMV.

Mike Schwartz (talk)21:33, 21 May 2013

Why has the White House kept the 1st 67 hours of emails immidiatly after the Benghazi attack and not released them? Who issued the stand down orders? Why were they issued? Administration spokespersons indicated that it was impossible to get forces in relief to Benghazi in time to save the embattled Ambassador and others. How can that be known in advance? Defense Sec. Panneta went on TV and stated that we don't send forces into harms way without knowing the risks first... WHAT??? Why did the top levels of government lie to the American people about some video tape? WHAT THE HELL? Four Americans dead and NOTHING is being done about it. Eight months + have gone by and this administration has not come clean on this atrocity! WE WANT THE ANSWERS! We cannot allow this to be swept under the rug by the highest levels of this administration!

Jrsands (talk)22:46, 25 May 2013

Rep. Rand Paul had made a query of involvements with Turkey. This may shed light on Syrian events. (talk)13:42, 28 May 2013