Comments:Violence in Uganda enters second day

this was very sad indeed for one who is A muganda, i think the Problem originates from the former colonial masters who left the kingdom at the mercy of the dictators in our country as we very well that our Beloved king Ssekabaka Muteesa II in the seventies, our king was killed in hte UK capital of London where he was in Exile after the 1966 coup by uganda's former president Milton Obote.

the reasons are generally clear and the 1962 constitution of uganda recognises and give the kingdom Government powers in the administration of the republic state, so this idea did not go down with the uganda's first prime minister Milton Obote who ordered the attack of the palace in 1966 so the king escaped narrowly to exile.

I can not deny that some of the kings subjects played an important role in the ploy to overthrow and execute the King who was then the president of Uganda. Yet now under the current government also is heading down the same road this because upto date the kingdom has been denied its constitutional rights as a lead player in the independence of uganda.

Now we've a bill yet to be tabled in parliament dubbed "the king's bill" the uganda government claims that the bill is for all kingdoms and cheifdoms in uganda but when you read the bill it openly attacks the buganda kingdom and if it is pushed forward it may lead to another political unrest in the central region of uganda which the home of the Buganda Kingdom. This current governments idea is ill fated and all the Memebers of parliament have been bribed with 20million ugandan shillings so as to support and endorse the Wishes of the Ugandan Government.

I agree that the now current president has done a lot of good for this country during his stay in power but i also condemn the acts and actions of his government, just because you fought a war for liberation does not mean the people of Uganda do not have a say in whatever goes on in the country. butwith the new breed on Baganda i hope his excellency think thoroughly through his decisions and even they unleashed guns and stick yeild men aka "kiboko" squad the kingdom is in our blood thats why it has survived for ages it what defines.

i blame also the international community that pretends to have a blind eye over such conflicts but we know very well that the rule of law in uganda has been degraded one event to sum up this was when they mamba security detail stormed the high court and antgonised the proceedings the untouchable as they define them selves in the current government although the president is a good man the people around him are doing his vision a deservice.