Comments:US senator Joseph Lieberman suggests attacking Iran base

Attack on Iran would cause Nationalism and increase the current regime's power

  • My issues with an attack on Iran, is that it will raise nationalism in Iran and make the current regime stronger. If your going to attack Iran, you better knock out everything at once, prolonged action would be negative. 11:25, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

US senator Joseph Lieberman suggests attacking Iran base


Several years back, I think, Lieberman was on board with the "good evidence wmd theory" in Iraq. After that debacle, why should he be credible when saying "we have good evidence" of Iraqi insurgency training in Iran? 20:20, 11 June 2007 (UTC)

response from danil p santoso


the thing the senator said is as good as claiming that america will invade any nation sponsoring threat to their national security, or if we take form thel few last word an eye for an eye. using the iranian training hostile troops to americans might make a good excuse or rallying point to some people ,but looking as how easy it is for him to talk of invasion things will simply get worse it wouldnt be long before america start saying look that country is getting hostile / preparing their defense agresively lets attack them, eg: russia& north korea with their missile program, or china with its ever increasing military might the way i see it he is only doing what politician do best and that is to raise issue that will make him look good , the thing with the american soldier is probably some statistic report that he reads and he think might make a good headline.