Comments:US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says America helps fuel illegal drug trade

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Finally the american goverment is starting to recognize their own responsabilty instead of just pointing fingers. Would they also recognize there are corrupt authorities in the US(needed to move tons of drugs across the nation and thousands of weapons across the border)? Alhian (talk) 20:19, 27 March 2009 (UTC)Reply

What are we doing?! edit

How can we justify sending hundreds of millions of dollars to mexican police?! One article you read in any news paper says how we send all of this money to mexican police and the next article says that the police are corrupt and not only are involved in dealing drugs, but killings, and pro-narcotic activity. It's as if the government is ready to write a check to anybody that says "oh we're trying to clean up our act, and we're sorry, just let us know what laws you're going to enact so that we can find ways around them once they are in place." The mexicans have a drug problem so we send them money, AIG, Freddie, Fannie, have financial problems so we give them money. It's as if we reward failure and pat you on the back and say it's okay. Are we really making that much money from the oil in Iraq that we can just write checks to anybody that has a problem? We have 15 different wars going on at any given hour of the day. Can we pick one or two and try to win? —Archerangelo (talk) 19:16, 30 March 2009 (UTC)Reply

Yes, in many cases has happen that the Mexican police themselves are involved with narcotics. I have been to Mexico and talk to some people, and they have said that "good cops, go missing", and that the same narcotics tell them what can happen to them if they are against them.

The U.S. is not paying the Mexican police, because all I saw when I went over there was the Mexican military in every toll. Yes the U.S. have a lot of wars right now but what do you expect when they are the most economic wealthy country in the world today... who are we to say "this is what the U.S. should do", they can protest, but how many people would actually show for something like this?--AtlaOS (talk) 07:28, 10 April 2009 (UTC)Reply