Comments:US lawmakers and rights advocates question CIA tape destruction


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The destruction of the CIA tapes that document evidence obtained in the interrogation of high level terrorist suspects is a flagrant FELONY VIOLATION of the USA Patriot Act.

Why am I the only person on the internet posting about the FELONY VIOLATION of the USA Patriot Act.

All you people belly-aching about your freedoms being taken away by the Patriot Act are MISSING THE BOAT.

Fight fire with fire.

Prosecuting the bush administration for the destructino of these CIA tapes with provisions provided in the USA Patriot Act for FELONY prosecution for the destruction of key, critical and crucial evidence in the 'War on Terror' is essentail.

Bush and his cronies will be forced to DESTROY the Patriot Act in the courts in order to avoid its penaties.

The Media will have a HUGE story to run that EVERYBODY will want to read, the President and his boy's in one of the most UNAMERICAN and CRIMINAL acts of this administration.

Prosecute with the Patriot Act, and you will see the light of freedom.

Patrick Jack