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...same as the old boss (talk) 03:08, 2 December 2009 (UTC)Reply

Afghanistan President Obama can not make everyone happy edit

I feel that President Obama left the American people still unsure about the problem in Afghanistan.I do not understand how you will build up other Army in 18 months and then turn around and pack up and leave the area. That's just a waste of our tax payers dollors here in the United State don't you think? We could use that money to help put the 10.2% of american people back to work that can not find jobs. Also help our veterans get jobs and the VA medical help they also need very badly. I really like President Obama but I feel this was not one of his best address to the nation sent he has been in office. He was not himself.I feel he was trying to make everyone happy because most of what he was saying just did not add up.

Thanks Dwayne Hill US Navy Veteran (Desert Storm)

Why are we in afghanistan in he first place? edit

I mean, Iraq was a bad move, no doubt, but Why Afghanistan? If it's nation building, fine, but Intelligence reports say the taliban -Isnt- There. Is this really about Pakistan or someat?

Previous poster, your grammar/spelling shows your lack of intellect as much as what you typed. Al Qaeda attacked America. Qaeda was (and still is) in Afghanistan. Who do you think we are killing there every day, and who do you think kills our troops back? Ghosts? Evil demons? I don’t think that they use car bombs and guns. Terrorists are there and America is currently there killing them because they did a clear cut terrorist attack on the U.S. and its people. They have told us in repeated addresses that if they get the chance they will attack us again, and intend to kill as many Americans as they can. I sincerely hope you are not an American to be so ill-informed. If you are, please do a little research into this topic. Iraq may be debatable, but it is widely agreed across the entire world that our presence in Afghanistan is fully justified.-- (talk) 19:04, 2 December 2009 (UTC)Reply

On the Vietnam War comparison edit

I think there is a similarity insofar as we have allies in Afghanistan to whom we have made promises of a stable democratic future and who have in turn put their trust in our promises and even staked their very lives and the future of their families on them. Whatever else may be the case, however unpleasant or protracted the war may become, a good and moral people never abandons its allies to the mercy of its enemies while it still has surfeit of power to prevent it. Perhaps we should not have made the claims we did, but to proffer such claims, then betray the very people who were willing to pitch in with us and see them fulfilled is a very cowardly, cruel and shameful thing. (talk) 04:13, 4 December 2009 (UTC)Reply