Comments:U.S. Constitution Party nominates former Congressman Virgil Goode for president

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I endorse Virgil GOODE for President of the United States of America !!019:31, 4 August 2012

I endorse Virgil GOODE for President of the United States of America !!

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Dear Friends:

Mr. Virgil Goode used to be my Congressman, here in the 5th Congressional District of Virginia. Virgil is a good man, in the Tradition of Virginia: (A) there have been (7)Seven Presidents from Virginia, (1) George Washington (who could have been the "First King of America", had he wished), (2) Thomas Jefferson (author of the Declaration of Independence( (1776)), (3) James Monroe (founder of the "Monroe Doctrine"), (4) James Madison (author of the Federalist Papers, and most of the U.S. Constitution (1787)), (5) John Tyler (who may have been assasinated), (6) William Henry Harrison (if I'm correct), who was born in Virginia, but moved to OHIO and was elected as President from OHIO, and (7) Woodrow Wilson (President of Princeton University, and President from 1913-1921). In addition, from the Original King's Grant of Land in the NEW WORLD in 1607 (the founding of Jamestown, VA.), EIGHT UNITED STATES (or parts thereof) were part of Virginia prior to ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787(whereby Virginia ceded control of all of it's land to the Newly Formed "United States of America" (i.e., if Virginia had wanted to it could have been a "MEGA-STATE, had it kept it's rightful grants of English Land from the king of England)): (1) West Virginia (1/3 of the Commonwealth was lost during the Civil War), (2) Kentucky (the 14th State, if I'm correct), (3) OHIO, (4) INDIANA, (5) ILLINOIS, (6) MICHIGAN, (7) WISCONSIN, and (8) the parts of MINNESOTA that are EAST of the Mississippi River at Minneapolis/St.-Paul (where the old "Northwest Territory" ended (i.e., from whence the term "Midwest was derived)). In the Tradition of HUMILITY and SERVICE-TO-HUMANITY (Virginia Tech's MOTTO is "UT PROSIM ['That I May Serve']," the "REAL"-People of the Commonwealth of Virginia (and other States) would be courageous and vote for VIRGIL GOODE (a Patriotic American); he isn't part of the modern-day COWARDLY-Career-Politician(CCP) who control the TV-Airwaves by selling their-very-souls to the Corporate-Elites for donations !! Be courageous and vote for VIRGIL GOODE (a Patriotic American). Sincerely, G. Thomas Tur[e]man, Ph.D., CPA. (talk)18:12, 4 August 2012