Comments:Time magazine refutes US President Donald Trump's Twitter claim he was nominated Time 'Person of the Year'

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Time calls President Trump on his lies!111:16, 20 September 2018

Time calls President Trump on his lies!

≈≈≈It is astonishing, preposterous, mind-blowing, that the President of the United States thinks he can tell outlandish lies to Americans and the world, without being identified as the liar he is!≈≈≈

What I find unbelievable and even more troubling is that he has repeatedly told lies, and disseminated misinformation, both before he became president and since becoming president, without any apparent consequences. How can he still have an 80% approval rating among republicans?? Are they deaf, mute, blind; or so partisan that because Trump identifies himself as a republican, he earns the approval of most republicans in spite of how much he lies or how childish he acts? I am 56 years old, and I consider the date Mr. Trump was elected President as the worse day of my life. I am also extremely worried about our country as a whole. I pray our nation survives this presidency. (talk)02:51, 3 December 2017
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I doubt that 80% figure, although I've heard some recent numbers that were still rather shockingly high. Have you a source for that?

Most people have an aversion to believing someone else is really awful, so if someone really awful has charisma they can get a lot of people to disbelieve the awful part for a considerable time. Combine that with a small, strongly self-selected group of people who are Republicans.

Pi zero (talk)03:11, 3 December 2017