Comments:State of emergency in Thailand; protestors attack PM's car

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The information on this website is not entirely accurate. For example the article suggested that the red shirt swaped the PM car and also threatened to blow the gas tank off - the truth is that the leader of the Yellow Shirt has planted his own people to highjack the tank and then accused the Red Shirt of doing it thus to tarnish the Red Shirt reputation of peaceful demonstration to Violent Demonstrators instead. Last week the one of the newspaper in Thailand cann't stand the injustice incurred to the Red Shirt any longer have submitted many evidence to the Committee and the Leader of the Red Shirt so that they could be used to clarify that the Red Shirt had not been involving in such accusations of vilolent agains the Government and general public.

It is so sad to hear that people have fallen for the dirty tactic of propaganda against the Red Shirt by the Yellow Shirt and their supporters ie the Miliatary and the Government and believe that the riots was created by the Red Shirt.

Please be more objective and less biased by present the facts from both sides rather than reporting the so-called-truth by the Government or the corrupted Military.

Thanks for your thought - it's an interesting comment to hear. Unfortunately, we can't do much else then rely on the sources we have - which are usually news agencies, papers or sites (if it's not original reporting). This article has been archived now, and thus won't be changed anymore (the only thing that could be done is add a notice - but that would require a substantive source confirming your statement). But in later article's the information might be able to be used,(if there is a source we can cite). Sean Heron (talk) 15:16, 27 April 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]