Comments:Sprint Nextel customer service rep. harasses client; Sprint cancels his account

Sprint/Nextel have the absolute worst customer service. I have never been treated with such disrespect in my life. I asked them to let me out of my contract after they accused me of buy products off the black market and then lied to me regarding an offer made by one of the customer service employees who did not note the conversation the way that she had stated she did. I had her read back the message twice to me. They refused and I have been attempted to contact someone in upper management for almost 2 weeks now without avail. I have contacted my attorney and we are looking for others who are equally upset to begin litigation with this company. They cause emotional distress whenever you get on their customer service line with them. I have so far found 14 other people/families with similar situations and that is just through word of mouth. You can reach me at

Please be careful when deciding to go with Sprint/Nextel. This has truly been a nightmare company to work with on 99.9% of contacts made and I hope that others do not suffer as I have.

Sprint csr's opini0n


Based in my observation upon reading the article thrice there are some points that i might be able to clarify as a customer service representative. First, Sprint and Nextel's network is only designed to block all out going calls and/or all incoming calls . Maybe that's the reason why the customer's request was not given at that point in time. Theres no such thing as an soc code which will block certain numbers. it's only posible for text messaging. However there are some devices which supports call barring and this could have been a soluti0n if the customer's phone is capable of restricting specific phone call. Secondly, according to the article the customer recieved the call from the representative, and it even lasted for 15 minutes, before the customer told the rep that he have to go. Im my opinion he should not have entertained the rep in the first place if he didnt want to. If he felt that the reason for the call back is out of business, he should have told the rep straight and frank about it. The intention of having the call recorded is even there. Im just thinking as to what's the reason behind? Is it because he wants to have an evidence to sue Sprint ? Because of not having his issue resolved? Or to ask a credit for the inconvinience? Or what? In the other hand the effort of calling to report the incidence is there which can be considered the first legal attempt. The issue should have been taken cared of by speaking to a supervisor or manager who will create an incident report of an executive escalation which will define the corresponding corrective action for the rep. As to the rep, calling the customer back to ask for friendship might have been the intention, as a result of the rapport that was built during their first convesation. This is however not being tolerated by Sprint and Nextel. The action can result to removal from the program or the least will be final warning. As to why the customer, wasn't notified to what happened to the case... Sadly, relies on the people to whom he reported the incident. Third point, we don't know exactly what happened since all were based to the customer's version of the story and sprint did not comment about it. But it's very rare and unproffesional to advice the customer to keep going and play with the csr, it should have also been mentioned to him that it's a policy not to record a call for any other reason than to maintain quality and both parties should agree to it. Fourth, Sprint is paying for every call being routed to customer service. If a customer will call multiple times, it can result to sprint loosing billions of dollars . Plus increasing the number of unsatisfied customer. That's the reason why csr's goal is to resolve concern on the first call to avoid repeat callers. Its not all about money, it's not all about the revenue. Its all about business. Imagine if the worth of money being payed by sprint for each customer calling is more expensive that what the customer is giving to the company would that be benificial? If only customer's will take time to read the contract and understand the plan they are signing up for, to check the bill, to know their responsibily and right, the terms and conditions of their service, it will give them better background as to how and why this or that happened. Thus minimizing calls to customer service giving way to complex issues. Everything that's too much isn't healthy as they say. People that are too reliant to csr, doesn't even take the effort to think first. For example, questions about phones when they already have the manual. That's why there's a limitation. Last, sprint nextel is the largest wireless company , experienced enough not to comment about this. In the first place the issue should not be given malice. They are stil in the right track. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Soulkeeper dartedsoul (talkcontribs) 19:45, 14 March 2009 (UTC)

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This is not true and it really pisses me off reading it...get your facts straight...Joshua Brady is a liar and a con artist. — (talk) 21:55, 20 September 2010 (UTC)