Comments:Second grader suspended from school after drawing disturbing picture

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That's not entirely fair. Suspension for drawing a picture that has no serious consequence on the child or who he drew of, is he psychologically impaired? Is he planning to disable someone? I don't think so.

It's called thought-policing. The trend has been growing for decades now. Freedom, if it ever really existed, is long since dead.

Though I don't have a source at this time, I've heard that the boy is being investigated by the FBI for terrorism charges, based on this drawing, an accusation from another student that he "threatened to kill" him, and an accusation that he "sits on the roof and shoots pigeons with an assault rifle." It is claimed that he was planning a school shooting. I am not entirely certain that this is the same boy, but I believe it is. I will find a source as soon as I'm on a computer without a content filter. 17:39, 5 November 2007 (UTC)Reply

Beautiful, America. This is a big trend in another mess of controlling your children in whatever direction Big Brother sees fit. Once again, political rights are abused for the mere fact that we are all too obsessed with protecting our children. And their worry about the little kid shooting up a school is absolutely ridiculous. Zero Tolerance is the most inane, overused, stupid and worthless policy that has ever entered the schoolgrounds that -we- pay for, and it's all here because Conservatives who call themselves Liberal are aiming for the goal of controlling the future through kids.RaphaelFaunus 14:04, 6 November 2007 (UTC)Reply

Second grader suspended from school after drawing disturbing picture edit

This is entirely too much! A seven year old child suspended from learning because he drew a water pistol? What's next - incarceration because the water balloon fight scene is construed to represent thermobaric weapons or IEDs? I used to while away my time in school (early 1960s) by drawing battling space fleets and entire planets being blown up. If it was today, I'm sure these same self-righteous persons who were the yound lad's judge and jury would want me executed.