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Ozone Therapy Cured 5 Ebola Victims003:43, 25 August 2019

Ozone Therapy Cured 5 Ebola Victims

African Journal of Infectious Diseases has a report .

The report is from Dr. Robert Rowen M.D. who trained doctors in Sierra Leone on a protocol for treating Ebola.

I recall the report indicating that 4 symptomatic patients received the Ozone Therapy as described in the report and all of them survived. I conversed with Dr. Rowen in emails and learned that a total of 5 ebola patients were cured.

This information seems to be suppressed - or - at best simply has no profit motive for being disseminated. It's really a clarion call that if somebody can't make money from curing you maybe you won't get treated - just locked up in quarantine to die.

After Dr. Rowen had traveled to Sierra Leone at the invitation of that "nation's president", eventually the military general would prohibit anyone being treated with ozone therapy. Those in quarantine were crying out for ozone therapy as the descended to death. It makes me think this was a form of genocide.

My name is Joseph William Baker. I've been an ozone therapy hobbyist for about six years now. I also do a practice called biofield tuning using tuning forks. I learned that biofield tuning can be effective at a distance even as far as thousands of miles away. I have some experience in performing such work on friends and family. This lead me to question if ozone gas has an energetic property to it that might be felt from a distance as well. After many successful experiments I came up with an idea to treat people via a YouTube video recording.

My intuition tells me that it may be possible to obtain some of ozone's benefits via remote therapy. To what extent I do not know. Clearly physical access to ozone therapy is preferred. But when you have military generals blocking you from saving people, one must get more creative. I suggest that it may be beneficial to just even agree to be treated in the recorded session as if one's energetic field is laying on it's back inside the bag filled with ozone gas. Here are some benefits: (1) it will not harm the lungs of the patient. (2) nobody needs risk contracting the disease from being in contact with the patient (3) Every part of the body has the possibility of having direct energetic impact from the ozone gas. (4) No IV injection of medical ozone (5) No medical personnel need be present, no facilities need be made available. (6) No permission is necessary for tests

Additionally there is evidence of my tweet on Twitter to the president of the World Health Organization indicating I was about to bring an accusation of genocide against the WHO for it's handling of Ebola to which they never responded. Silence is acquiescence.

Twitter Link

I keep a page with my latest efforts on the Ebola topic at

If you wish to contact me I'm at +001-262-806-8031 - Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram

Thank you all for your concern regarding this very serious matter. Thank you for the latitude for me to try these unusual remote methods.

Joseph william baker (talk)03:43, 25 August 2019