Comments:Scientists discover 300 new species on island of Luzon in the Philippines

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Comments from feedback form - "They did a great job , hope th..."

They did a great job , hope that they will continue exploring different places here in the Philippines for us to know the unknown species of our mother land :) (talk)12:40, 27 June 2011

Hope they continue in the Philippines where there is much unknown.

Aim to please (talk)18:22, 9 October 2011

Comments from feedback form - "i like it..........."

i like it........... (talk)13:11, 25 July 2011

Comments from feedback form - "this is still a stub"

this is still a stub (talk)01:32, 21 July 2011

Comments from feedback form - "a great sign that phillippines..."

a great sign that phillippines is a exotic places of the animals (talk)00:55, 13 July 2011

Comments from feedback form - "Anyway are they to "

Anyway are they to Filipinos or new species? (talk)14:11, 8 July 2011

glad that new species are being discovered!

At the Field Museum in Chicago, there's this exhibit explaining that fact that we're in a mass-extinction right now. Due to human activity (urbanization, construction, logging, etc), tens of thousands of species go extinct every year. There was even this digital display that showed the number of species that had gone extinct since 8 am that morning — approximately four species went extinct every hour. It was really depressing to see, especially when you watched that "extinct species" count go up every so often.

Having said that, I'm glad to hear that new species have been discovered! Hopefully this news will help to educate others about the world we live in, and the importance of respecting the livelihoods of our fellow species.

Ragettho (talk)04:44, 28 June 2011