Comments:Satirical website criticizes Glenn Beck for 'hypocritical' attempts to silence free speech

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Right-wing whinersEdit

The problem with these fascists, is that they think that democracy only works one way.

They spent almost ten years trying to start World War III, they made and approved fascist manifestos (Patriot Act, Homeland Security), they kidnapped and tortured innocent people and imprisoned them in concentration camps (Guantanamo Bay), but lo and behold, now they're the saviors, the liberators and the democrats.

Fascist mascots like this Glenn Beck guy are the perfect example of this. They can say and do everything, BUT THE OTHERS CAN'T. If they do, they get a lawsuit from THE BEST lawyers around. Fascists will always be fascists, no matter the paint on them.

Yeah Mr. Glenn Beck... Please save americans from the evil, socialist black guy.

I still find it funny that...Edit

1. One who harps on and on about American soverignty (or maybe I'm thinking of the slightly less crazy Ron Paul) is using a UN agency for legal action and support. What about American legal agencies, huh?

2. No one is invesigating Bob Sagat for raping and killing a young girl in 1990. Gottfried is a lone wolf in this noble cause.— (talk) 06:55, 23 October 2009 (UTC)