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Comments from feedback form - "Good ol' boy Rush should be gi..."015:34, 9 December 2012
Is Sandra Fluke the Ideal Woman?000:32, 7 December 2012

Comments from feedback form - "Good ol' boy Rush should be gi..."

Good ol' boy Rush should be given some credit for unwillingly bringing Fluke into national prominence. Give the devil his due - as they say. (talk)15:34, 9 December 2012

Is Sandra Fluke the Ideal Woman?

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The answer lies in the definition of an ideal woman.

    An ideal woman displays intelligence born of wisdom, security born of confidence, self-respect born from the courage of integrity, maturity born from kindness and certainty born from grace under pressure.
     Miss Fluke is not yet a woman. She may age and never mature; she may be educated and never gain wisdom. Miss Fluke suffers from the unbridled desire for recognition and confirmation of the uncertain decisions that plague her regret-oriented, unfulfilled life and seeks to pull others down with her to satisfy her need to console a mind ravaged by questions of self-worth. 
    Miss Fluke is in no position to counsel anyone until she is able to discipline and control herself long enough to think of someone else before her own desires. That is the first of the many steps a girl or a boy take on the way up the ladder of maturity to be recognized immediately as a man or as a woman. Being a man or a woman is a state of mind and not simply a physical manifestation of the growth process.   
    Miss Fluke is not even near the first rung. That she has reached the age of thirty and has not yet recognized this herself is indicative of a very shallow thought process. As my fifteen year old daughter stated upon listening to Miss Fluke, "What a loser." 
    What my daughter saw was a person bragging on national TV that was so filled with self-pity for being a female that my daughter physically cringed as she watched the media use and as Miss Fluke allowed herself to be used to gain celebrity status as a salve to heal her self-inflicted inner wounds.
    That she is a law student at Georgetown University, a Roman Catholic Jesuit-run institution, and they have not aided or assisted this student's brokenness, one must question what are they doing at Georgetown? Had this student been on a classical intellectual quest for truth and light, she would hardly be flailing around in the darkness and displaying her depth of ignorance in her own humanity on a national public platform.
    Sandra Fluke is being victimized and abused and anyone who would applaud her state of mind is a fraud and a liar. Historically, those that put the weak, the tired, the hungry, the broken, the desperate and the lonely on public platforms to display them for their own personal gain, were not marketing love and kindness, but oppression and fear. 

So, the answer is quite simply, no.

MoeJoe (talk)00:02, 7 December 2012