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Ruskies at it again I see. You can never trust the Russian govurnment.

Go back and read the article again carefully, it isn't so much the Russian government - they effectively did a press release saying "this is what it'd look like". Reuters didn't check carefully enough and ended up running model footage under the heading that it was the real-deal. --Brian McNeil / talk 11:39, 13 August 2007 (UTC)

I have the IS edition featuring teh story about this incident. This proves the true nature of current russian journalism.

(--Self-cencored, possibly offencive remarks about russian journalism and politics--)

As I was saying, Russia's heading back towards the days of the USSR. First their national anthem, then the general attitude, then rising oppression, now state propaganda.

What's wrong, actually, in using archive shots? They didn't claimed that they were shots from Arctic, it is how Reuters represented them.

The video was fake, but the expedition and diving was actual. The Titanic fragments were shown simply because TV channel had no videos from icebreacker.

Inaccuracies in this storyEdit

I can find no information supporting the fact that the Finnish 13-year-old is a transsexual, that there is any footage of Debbie Does Dallas in the Russian broadcast, or that Karl Rove is in any way associated with this story. All of these are blatant fabrications.

Well they have been reverted. If you find an article has been vandalised like this you are welcome to revert it yourself. It is easier than complaining.Billlion