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Comments:Ralph Nader: Obama will likely face challenge in Democratic primaries

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Al Franken - Bernie Sanders Ticket for Pres debates003:53, 17 August 2011
Almost a 100 percent chance Nader doesn't know what he's talking about002:37, 8 August 2011
Obama?010:29, 7 August 2011

Al Franken - Bernie Sanders Ticket for Pres debates

Gotta have at least two reasonable challengers to convince the public there is a team out there to suuport the Democratic party's ability to change while still serving the needed opportunity to fill the current executive officers shoes. You could add another dem independant like Lieberman and or Nancy Pelosi, would creep up if the challenge was made early enough and strongly enough to to galvenize the Core of Democratic Conscience to look in the mirror. Obama couldn't even fire Gates Obama had to wait for the myopic slob to quit; and they(Holder) never followed through with the CIA Indictments for torture and misinformation to gear up against what in afterthought what was really an act of domestic terrorism Layer Upon Layer Like the "Sinking of the Maine and Hay Market Bombing" wrapped in one ( A Rock Creek Free Press )humdinger. The war machine's strongest stamp four years later when they can't even get support from Colin Powell is to invent the Dem rubber stamp to seal of democratic approval, for a new asian campaign itching to get into China, like Kennedy and Johnson. If they could someone should really turn out the CIA in to the streets and away from Protecting the President before they start another race riot too big that all that capital flight to Europe would start making sense to themselves. The CIA's Treason Must be checked by at least the FBI ( Department of Justice ) and if necessary State Governments( National Guard). The OSS Basis for Present NATO Intelligence does not need it's Racial/Cultural Barb obstructing Sufficient Domestic Organizations (DNI & DOJ) from securing the liberties of redress of grievence and free speech. I've Lived in DC and the Closest you come to affecting a change is with huge enough numbers of people (and rather Slowly) to get the media support to project your image with in the capitol buildings walls. If Barack does last for a second term it will be the greatest act of Democratic Hypocrisy we've seen in fifty years. If you see Biden like Johnson as the puppeteer not the marionette, they are another Dick Cheny on strings of their own back to King George I(HW Bush) OSS-Secret Service-CIA, who can only see through the myopic Veil of McCarthyism so as to ease the tension of their eyes while perceiving the rise of Labour Socialism Globaly and within our Domestic Borders. Who Needs Communism when the recognizable efforts ("Blood Sweat & Steel") of an Ubanized & Industrialized Labour Megalopolis for the Last Century & Half ( or Two) Could outshine Like a "Thousand Points of Light" From & Against the Twinkle of Tory Inheritance From Merlin to Arthur in the Letter Opener of an executer. The insurance policy of an Independant Democratic Government wrest in the comfort and ability to discuss the necessary issues so as to stiir the mill of collective thought and not let it sit and rot like a couch potato waiting for change that will never come as the CIA Changes the Face on "Mr Potato Head"; Let's Help Democratic Challange, Democratic Debate, & Democratic Convention Force the Change that People Want & Need and not let us see the dwindling will of an Iceberg (Launched Nearly Four Years Ago) melt and sink below the tolerable "limits" of concious rectitude and into stale incumbant stories that will never popularly represent the people in congress but rest Like a bag of four hour old LAYS lying on the counter in a tarnished bowl. (talk)03:47, 17 August 2011

Almost a 100 percent chance Nader doesn't know what he's talking about

He should have stuck to his areas of expertise instead of entering the presidential races... but I guess he's not that kind of guy.

Shii (talk)02:37, 8 August 2011

Why Obama want to do that? Just for being the president again? It may hurt the people which support he . (talk)10:29, 7 August 2011