Comments:Ontario Votes 2007: Interview with Communist Party candidate Johan Boyden, Toronto Centre

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All communists should be arrested for treason and sentenced to an extensive rehabilitation process. The communist party should not exist in Canada. The fact that it does shows that we are in a very, very, dangerous situation with the struggling economy. If you vote communist, not only would I personally use violence to defend myself and the people, you must also prepare for hell on earth if you manage to get your wishes. The only good communist is a dead one. If rehabilitation does not work, these people must be executed for the good of the Canadian people and all that is good and just in this world.

To the guy above me,, who was too cowardly to sign his own comment. I wonder how people like you can pretend to value freedom and democracy when those you disagree with, who favor a different economic system but are using democracy and not force to try and bring it about, as they should, should be killed in your opinion. Your lack of education on communism is obvious--it's just an economic system. Disagree with it all you want, but threatening violence against those you disagree with is Fascist or Stalinist in principle. Yes, Stalinist. --Poisonous (talk) 06:39, 29 September 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]