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Real Change Needed116:41, 3 February 2012

Real Change Needed

Whoever wants to beat establishment approved Mitt ORomney, here’s an approach: Prove to the people you are an outsider with your fellow corrupt politicians who ignore the constitution and its principles. Tell the people as President you will need the House & Senate to begin to reverse the madness on the verge of ending the Republic. Tell the people they must take control of the House and Senate away from the establishment, to take control of America away from the establishment, this will also prevent whoever the next president is from continuing to destroy the Republic. Say you know the game and how it’s played, and how special interests that make backroom deals with our representatives have never been so out of control and damaging to America, call for the removal/impeachment of Obama, expose the party establishments as a completely broken corrupt system, and propose constitutionally based solutions to reverse this madness on the verge of ending the Republic (talk)01:54, 3 February 2012

Every president since Washington has broken the Constitution including GOP favorites like Nixon and Reagan. (talk)16:41, 3 February 2012