Comments:Obama to ask for special BP claims fund over oil spill

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Comments from feedback form - ""Lost Angeles Times" - typo?"

"Lost Angeles Times" - typo? (talk)02:18, 15 June 2010

See. LOST the TV show is over so they merged with the Los Angelas Times... Ok... Or maybe there was a typo. Fixed.

ShakataGaNai ^_^02:19, 15 June 2010


Mikemoral♪♫02:23, 15 June 2010

A Freudian skip of some kind, though I don't know what it might signify.:)--

KTo288 (talk)08:19, 15 June 2010

Skip?!?Slip of course.

KTo288 (talk)08:20, 15 June 2010

"Some economic analysts have suggested..."

"Some economic analysts have suggested that cleanup costs and compensations could drive the company into bankruptcy."

Who and from where ? This article needs more references. This is the kind of information some readers (like me) would like to follow.

Z E U S (talk)22:22, 14 June 2010

Comments from feedback form - "Probably would have been usefu..."

Probably would have been useful to mention the rig operator was US company Trans Ocean which is being investigated for various incidents in the Gulf, and that the failed cap was put in place by Haliburtan, another US company.

Sounds like BP would go bust if they compensated the other oil companies, even though they have no liability to do so, and are not responsible for their losses. My understanding is that the only reason that other Oil companies are out of pocket is that the US government has decided to not allow further drilling unless there is a backup plan for a blow-out, which is a policy decision, and nothing to do with BP. Clearly attempting to get a private company to compensate other private companies for a government policy, is just stupid, and unrealistic. He needs to focus on fair compensation for those directly effected by oil spill, and not keep trying to inflate the claim to include other potential voters, who have not been directly effected. I'm very disappointed in Obama's ineptness on this matter. (talk)09:20, 14 June 2010