Comments:Nigerian anti-corruption officials arrest former governor James Ibori

Ibori is a common criminalEdit

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I am particularly happy about the turn of events against these corrupt ex-governors they are the arbiters of the people,s faith and lotters of national treasures, I sure hope that their godfathers do not prevail against justice, and let the law takes it,s place, most of them brought Nigeria to a mess.

I just have one question to ask Mr Ibori. Why exactly are you in Dubai? I am just amazed that some hours and days and months ago, you were a Governor of a state and now, you speak bold of your newly found home - Dubai.

I imagine that a supposed man of vision like you should know that children and youths are watching you - millions of them could possibly take after your malicious strategies and escape tactics. Are you actually trying these fantastic ways to escape the law - of the land and of humanity? Tell Nigerians and the world.

As a youth leader, I cry daily; thinking about all the less priviledges in Africa and how some day, they will be rescued from continuous languish in lack. Have you ever cried about these and many more related issues before? Could it be said that you were an opportunist looking for power and wealth to advance your life style - to perambulating strangely around Asia and other countries that believe in you and your actions? Dubai must vomit you for justice and peace to reign!

You have no two heads but you profit from millions of nigerians' heads... I learnt you amassed so much wealth and that is why you were declared wanted. I heard so much about you - not a single news has captured you as a man of the people. How did you make it to power - how did you get a single vote?

You leave me with a conscience that your reign as Delta state governor killed many people's hopes and visions. I am sure more people have suffered because of you. Our communities future is nothing but a bin bag in your mind...

I commend EFCC and the United Kingdom officials actively trailing your moves. I want to encourage them not to be weary about looking for you. I am sure many nigerians will be set free from poverty of all forms, if Karma hands you over to the law.

Let no one run from their fatherland, if they are true sons and daughters of the soil. Afterall, the prodigal son in the Bible found it not a taboo going back home. Go back to Nigeria and let your faith be decided. Stop hiding. Speak to the citizens of Delta state - I am sure they will understand why you need to be free. Challenge your accusers - prove your innocency as a failed leader and money lover - and launderer, as quickly as possible.

'Tobi Akiode S.A