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We are legionEdit

And so the cracks begin to appear in their facade. This is only the begining.

  • This is what Anonymous should focus on: Finding people close to the head honchos of Scientology that have seen the light. Someone needs to get Nicole Kidman to open up about it. --Kitch 15:14, 6 February 2008 (UTC)

What I Got Out of ScientologyEdit

I just see all this blah blah crap about who is crying about such and such. At the end of the day it's all the same crap you might just read in "Woman's Weekly" or some other trash magazine. My experience with Scientology has both positive and negative. The positive was the results I got from using the technology and the negative was from individuals (including me) having their own personal problems with each other or the organisation. What really matters to me is that due to the help I recieved I became drug free after 11 years of a drug soaked hell. I did the Scientology detox and I remained drug free from that time on. I was no good as a father and I used the courses on how to get along with children and they made sense and really helped me. I tried the Scientolog counseling and it worked and my emotional rolercoster of a life stabalized and improved markedly. I was no good at study and the technolog helped me with that. I was a dole bludger and unable to communicate to people in the work place and the communication courses I did totally fixed this.

The 100% truth of it is that I would still be smoking pot, being agressive to my kids, veged out and maybe dead by now if not for L Ron Hubbard's technology. From what I can see the current management are forwarding Hubbard's knowledge to the best of their ability and that is a very good purpose and activity.

Some people get pissed off with the church and attack it usually because they did something wrong. Once they start they find it hard to stop because they must make themselve's right. Once these people start attacking it is very hard for those still using Scientology and supporting the church to actually be friends with them. Such people are negative towards the very thing you are into and they are attacking your beliefs. I speak from experience: this actually happened to me with some friends of mine who decided to attack our church and leave. These guys now attack what I support which makes me not want to bother being friends with them anymore as it would not work out. It's not that I don't like them I just don't want to hang out with people who are bagging out my beliefs and are attacking what I'm trying to support. I believe that You choose to be with people who support you and agree with your choices and goals, and if they actively attack you about your choices and goals you need to take a stand for your own integrity.

Now I'm a successful musician, I manage a restaurant and have an amazing family who are all Scientologists. I've been using Scientology for over 14 years and it's all good and works. I have been a staff member for the church and a parishoner. There is no problems I have had that I have not been able to easily sort out. Yes I've had to cease connection with a couple of friends who started in attacking the church, I did it off my own bat because I din't like what they were saying and the fact that they had started using pot again. The very last thing I'd want to do is hang around with dope smokers again as 11 years of hell as a hardcore smoker really showed me the pain of that path.

I am forever grateful to Ron Hubbard and the current church management for the help I've gotten and without which I would have totally failed in this life. Yes I used the technology and saved myself and that's what it's all about. I created a life worth living, I got off drugs, I was a social security drop out incapable of working, lazy, stoned and useless but I changed all of that by using Scintology. So what if some people have some petty little disagreements with David Miscavage. So what if some people have some spitefullness towards the church and it's management. I don't care because of what I got from this subject and it saved my life.