Comments:New bill will ban Muslims from wearing veils at polls in Canada

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The title of this article is misleading. If Wikinews is to be anything like Wikipedia, they should just write biased articles like this.

The article is written as if the proposed law is specifically targeti8ng muslum women, but in fact while muslum women may be the most effected by this, the law is written to effect anyone voting. It's not just that you're not allowed to cover your face with a vail, you can't do it with a ski mask or hockey mask or stretched sock or anything. The issue is the face being covered up, not weather you're a muslum woman or not.

I think this news article should be changed to reflect it. I'd do it myself, but I wanted to leave room for discussion first.

-Christopher (Fipher) D. Osborn

It is unfortunate our government is scooping to such a low level. We don't need such a law to implement credibilility of our election process. What will be next. What happened to being reasonable. Muslim women should show their faces as long as women are identifying them. Government should provide women officers or volunteers at the polling station to facilitate this process.

Please stop humiliating Muslims and be reasonable. 

Farrukh Alam —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:49, 20 August 2008 (UTC)Reply

Covered Faces

I believe that allowing one to cover his/ her face while voting in any election is a distrustful practice. I have covered my face for the past two elections just to prove a point. I had heavy opposition from the people in charge, but was intent on seeing this through. If it is okay for a muslim to cover her face then it should be alright for a man to do so also. After I had voted ,I told the officers there that this was a dangerous practice which would allow for a person to vote as many times as they pleased.
 It is wrong and should be stopped. If you went to a bank to close out your account would they allow a covered face NO, if you were boarding an aircraft would they allow it NO,

then why should it be allowed when the future of this country could be in jeopardy?

 I always thought Elections Canada was responsible to the people of Canada???? Are they not!
 Stop this insane action now.

David Wilson —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:10, 18 October 2008 (UTC)Reply