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Musharaff pleads Guilty by asking for Safe Passage and Immunity ! edit

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If he is asking for a safe passage and immunity from prosecution then this suggests he is guilty. His supporters who is mainly MQM from Karachi is still backing him up, Musharraff was on MQM's payroll as well but circumstances were never ripe for Jinnah Pur.

This person has caused so much harm to the country than all the previous governments combined. He attacked Baluchistan and caused dissent, he attacked the tribal belt , a natural buffer to the Russian Republics and he attacked the Judiciary as well. Also he facilitated through the MQM Ethnic attacks by exploding bombs in Pashtun areas of Karachi.

He is a true shame of the Mohajir Community of Pakistan, and a slap in the face of the unity of the country. If the federation ever collapses it would because of seeds that were planted by this jack.

Ali Hasan Toor

yosef edit

i respectfully disagree. was tom deLay guilty? the pressure to resign does not indicate guilt.

this has happened so that pakistan will be a divided state as well as a divided nation. this helps India, and hurts China by extension. Boron.merkava (talk) 16:24, 22 September 2008 (UTC)Reply