Comments:McCain clinches Republican nomination as Huckabee concedes

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Precinct Chairs wonder how to explain it?Edit

Yes, yes , and I do not know? With many candidates to choose from; voters in Texas expected a choice that could best serve them. Rudy, Fred, Hunter, and even a mormon was possible. But that is not the case. John McCain did the impossible. He has won. Is that good? Conservatives are deeply concerned that they are being left out. They expect the normal promises and little more. We do know to some degree what we are getting. Earmarks will become an unpopular thing of the past. Immigration will be disappointing. GOOD Conservative Judges will be appointed to the Courts. We will not abandon the 4000 lifes + loss in Iraq. we may also get a Martha Washington as a 1st lady as well. It is the cloud of War that we did not want to see. 
 We can only hope for a small change in the life of a Man that is well known. Amnesty is not what we want to hear. 1986 was the last time for many years to come in the future. We want Laws to be fewer, but supported by everyone that matters. We want Military and Civilians working together. The best of both worlds. We want fraud of all kinds to be prosecuted. We want Our Congressman to join us in Social security and Health care program and get rid of their private care and retirement after only 8 years in Office. A care that is funded by our Tax Dollars. They know how to make the laws. We know most of it was made during Democrat control over Congress. But that is not the issue. Republicans and Independents alike have had the chance to end it. This is a Program that Sunshine Laws need to end. 
 The saddest part of our dilemma in Texas is the Republicans have had a great chance to resolve so many of these issues. Neither Rick (prick) Perry or David Dewhurst; handled anything in the manner expected of a Republican Office holder. These two men have lied and stolen our identities by proxy. Democrats have come to take over because they abandoned us and our issues and tried to pad their pockets ( not that Dewhurst actually needs money).  Voter ID was stolen from us once again because our leaders want to give second chances to the democrats! They just can't live with actually winning a fair bill; so they do it again. Maybe Dewhurst thought he could win two in a row? Sad and poor leadership have shown they way for the Democrats to get back in control. Not because our Republican Platform is wrong, but inspite of it being so right. 
 Yes, Rick, we have a good idea what you are hoping for. Run as far as you can but your legacy will always follow you. Does not matter that you lied at the Border, harass State troopers for doing the job. It does not matter that you made a race track of our roads and highways for your private pleasure. You are a bad man simply because you do not have the ear of the people of Texas. Those donations to your campaign fund that made you step aside from helping good people fight against bad business in Texas, especially the Insurance Companies ( do you remember this?) Yes, you turned it over to Dewhurst to handle ( the poor Billionaire ) could not even fathom why we were complaining. It was only 11% of our income that we were fighting for. A fraction of his. Dewhurst did not have a clue. But if you do get lucky and get to go to some exotic place to hide. We will still be here when you try to come back. And we will bring all of this back. And if we can, we hope to get you in Court to recover some of that which you have stolen from us. Republican Texans are just like an elephant... we do not forget!  —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 11:15, 3 April 2008 (UTC)