Comments:Mauritanian refugees begin returning home from Senegal

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Seems, like a lot less "then 160 acres and a mule" promised by Abraham Lincoln to settlers of the Western United States, and later to freedman. Moreover, a substantial majority of these people never, ever, recieved their allocation. Is this going to happen to Mauritanian refugees, crossing the Senegal River, back into Mauritania? What about the fact that the dominant population of Mauritania, the Berbers still enslave much of the Wolof?

Will the Berbers raid the camps a la Darfur, to gain more "necessary resources", and will Nouakchott protect these settlers in that case?

This throws hands in the air and fists on the table and I am worried about the incipient chaos that this could lead, down the road, but maybe I am being alarmist and forecasting gloom and doom, I sincerely hope so.