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All of Us are Capable of Empathy


It was more than Martin Luther King Jr. marching for our rights, for all of us. Many people marched, and we have changed because of their bravery. We have grown. Federally endorsed slavery no longer exists in the United States. Segregation is ending. Doors are opening. And, it was more than Martin marching. Many people withstood the battery of injustice. And not all of us are innocent, either. But we can heal. Each of us has made mistakes, sure, but . . . Isn't it time that we tried to heal those problems? When are we going to take off our badges of distinction and realize that there are no fundamental differences between us? If we compare ourselves to mice, we are different than mice, sure. We are stronger, we are more knowledgeable, we are not driven by instinct. We are people. We are human. We each have the same capacity for empathy and understanding. When are we going to cherish that? When are we going to put aside our blinding anger and hatred? Let's transcend our peculiar state of competition for fame, wealth, and power. Let's set that to the side and listen, and work together to resolve our problems.

I, for one, am not afraid to say it: I want equality for everyone; I want justice for everyone; I want liberty for everyone. I want PEACE. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Charlessauer (talkcontribs) 21:49, 21 January 2008 (UTC)Reply

What did Martin Luther King Jr. look like?


My roommate's 4-year-old daughter asked him this. He was like, "I dunno... he looked like... a... guy..." I thought it was funny. But in fairness, I fled the room so I wouldn't have to answer. - 18:44, 22 January 2008 (UTC)Reply