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True reason why the new B737MAX design is faulty from the start.115:41, 31 July 2020

True reason why the new B737MAX design is faulty from the start.

This is a Design failure: No amount of software will correct Aerodynamic deficiencies. People tend to forget, but the old MD-11 also had aerodynamic deficiencies that the compañy tried to compensate for with the use of software. As a result, the MD-11 was very tricky to land in certain conditions owing to fundamental flaws (design flaws) like the too small Horizontal Stabilizer and elevators (compared to the much better behaving DC-10) and a too far aft Center of Gravity, all in the name of "improving efficiency". Like the old "longitudinal stability augmentation system" o fthe MD-11, the new software operated electronic augmentation of the Boeing B737MAX is responsible of the two recent fatal accidents. No amount of software manipulation will truly correct what is a fundamental aerodynamic problem, planted into the redesign when they changed the engine placement and other aerodynamic characteristics, and then tried to save money by electronically mimicking the previous versions behavior, which is not the same because of strong differences in the mass and pressure distributions of the modified airplane. Amclaussen. (talk)13:56, 11 April 2019

You are correct, I believe that that the Boeing B737 Max did have some flaws, like to compete with Airbus's new A320neo, they went the cheap way and put on the same engines that the A320neo had but due to low clearance, they just raised the engine. Instead, they should have just made the landing gear compartment bigger and make the gear higher to have sufficient clearance between the engine and the ground. If they wanted to keep their current design, the should add a second source to measure the angle of attack(AoA) and a second sensor to measure the airspeed using a standard pilot tube as a redundancy if the primary source fails. Also, MCAS should not trigger trim, it should activate the stick pusher instead and pilots should know how to disable MCAS and override it. There also should be an MCAS override and disable button next to the (A/P)autopilot disconnect button to override and disable MCAS. Bredyhopi (talk) 15:41, 31 July 2020 (UTC)

Bredyhopi (talk)15:41, 31 July 2020