Comments:Libyan rebels in Misrata restrict press freedoms

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A war not to be won, but rather maintained013:04, 22 July 2011
So finally the rebel facist imperial terrorists true colors are showing100:27, 29 June 2011

A war not to be won, but rather maintained

As I see it, just like from 1984, the purpose of modern wars from the point of the superpowers is not to "win" by being victorious and ending the battle. The war is won the moment it starts as it is the war that is the aim. War is useful in so many ways, from controling masses at home or giving them something else to think about to the old "divide and conquer" stuff. I don't think Qadafi is a nice chap, but he's been is a ruller of a country for 40 years for a reason. If he was this much unwelcome, he'd be gone long ago.

I keep wondering how gently all this started - "no flight zone" :D Indeed it started before that with the rebels and I don't see it strange to hear comments that the rebels have been geared and motivated by western lobbies. No doubt there were reasons to rebel, but without support, these rebels would most likely just stay dormant and carry on as they did for so long. I think people are sheep and it takes quite some effort (or missery) to get them to move into something weird to a human soul like war.

Now NATO or what ever supper power could just roll over that damn rigid regime, but that is the last thing they would think of. They like it hot. At best, ballanced and bloody on both sides. The deafening noise and dust will cover their dirty machinations. War business is happy now, oil and construction businesses will get their share once there's not much more to ruin.

The same old story over and over again, the biggest obstacle is how to make it look like somebody elses fault.

Rob (talk)13:04, 22 July 2011

So finally the rebel facist imperial terrorists true colors are showing

-According to Mohammed Durat, an official in charge of the Misrata media center, the changes have come about because authorities "are afraid of spies from Gaddafi." He also said that the new restrictions are intended to benefit reporters, saying that "[w]e are caring about you, we don't want you to get any bad thing" and that "[y]ou should be happy about this."-

Yeah Right - This was expected from the rebels who are nothing but imperial terrorists. Have you noticed how a number of them wear the headgear of the saudis, their loyalties are to the wahabis saudis not to Libya, not to its people, and not even to ALLAH. They are fascistic loony fundamentalists who want to re-institute the monarchy of the pro american pedophile king idris and use religion as a way to justify that rule like the saudis are doing. (talk)07:14, 28 June 2011

why cant nato just stay out of it. (talk)00:27, 29 June 2011