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I am an American and I do not support, nor can I rationalize, our country's decision to support Albanian independence.

The fact is that Kosovo is part of Serbia. Furthermore, Kosovo has been part of Serbia for a long time. And, I mean a long long time, even before the United States of America was founded. (Kosovo is the part of Serbia that, in 1389, Serbia defended against the Ottoman Empire.) It's their heritage, their history and their home.

This is a unjust situation. Here's an analogy to help illustrate my point.

The Southern USA (e.g. Kosovo) becomes over populated with illegal Mexican immigrants who multiply rapidly (e.g. the Albanian immigrants) and then the Mexicans (e.g. Albanians) decide America belongs to them and they want declare independence.

Next, the world's highly motivated superpowers, China (e.g. USA) and the Asian Union (e.g. European Union), intercede declaring that, indeed, the Southern USA rightfully belongs to the Mexicans.

Argentina should try this trick with Las Malvinas. Fephisto - (talk) 14:55, 19 February 2008 (UTC)[]

Fellow Americans! Wouldn't your stomach turn if this happened to us? Independent Kosovo is an injustice.

Furthermore, many things just don't make sense. For example, just last year ethnic Albanian terrorists attacked Fort Dix: [[1]]

Ummm.... Why are we now helping terrorists steal land?

I commend the Serbian government and Serbian people who remain relatively calm and are trying to deal with this diplomatically and through peaceful means.

As far as I know, the southern USA's Mexican population is a minority, whereas Kosovo has had an Albanian majority for, like, 100 years. The Albanians declared independence because the Serbs abused them. When, in the course of human events... 07:14, 22 February 2008 (UTC)[]
and, yes, I am also an American. 07:14, 22 February 2008 (UTC)[]
Indeed, you appear to be American, writing from Rutgers University. I've also noticed you have been making a number of anti-Serbian edits lately (e.g. [2] [3]). So, you seem very adamant about your views.
However, the problem with your minority/majority rebuttal is that the majority Albanian population have arrived in Kosovo by illegal immigration. This is perfectly clear from my analogy -- "... becomes over populated with illegal Mexican immigrants ...". Please read the analogy before submitting comments.
Furthermore, observe the following comparison with your own numbers. You claim Albanians have been there for 100 years. However, Kosovo has been part of Serbia for more than 619 years (i.e. 2008 - 1389). So, you have made a very weak (almost pointless) claim. Moreover, illegal immigration does not give the Albanians claim to the region, just as it would not give a majority of illegal Mexican immigrants the right to claim Texas. Yes, unfortunately, my analogy still holds water and it's a real shame too.
Finally, I'd like to comment on your remark about Serbians "abusing" Albanians. I suppose you consider it abuse for the Serbian government to expect Albanians to learn Serbian language in Serbian schools. Or, maybe you except these illegal Albanian aliens to have unlimited access to Serbia's universal health care. Serbia is a poor country and cannot be expected to support the some 2 million Albanian's who have entered their country illegally. As far as past violence goes, It's not as simple as the media presents it. It's a two way street, with killings on both sides. One thing is clear, however, the Albanians are the aggressors.
A perfect analogy, because states like California or Texas have always been a part of the United States... Oh, I hear they were not. It seems like they declared independence when they weren't satisfied with Mexican rule. Intriguing... --+Deprifry+ 13:53, 25 February 2008 (UTC)[]
Kosovo was serbian forever huh? I suppose you know but deny the fact that serbians came from the Caucasus and settled in the balkans, plus if serbia is a poor country to support the "illegal" albanians, how come it could send the military to them and make war with almost all the republics of yugoslavia, apart from that, nothing can justify an exodus, especially not illegal emigration, plus appart from wanting the albanians to learn serbian they didn't let them use their national symbols, so please do not comment if you do not know what you are talking about --Cradel (talk) 21:21, 23 July 2008 (UTC)[]
Nice try, but that was a very different kind of thing. Let's not forget that Spain's claim over Texas was tenuous. At the time, the French had equal right to call Texas part of France. (The Native American's had even more right to the land.) Spain tried to setup missions there in 1691, but they failed and it was not resettled until 1716 before joining the USA in 1845. So, let's see, that's about 129 years of settlement. And that's it--just settlement. Texas was not the heartland of Spain nor anything close. It was just a frontier. It was an ambitious expansion project. :-) On the other hand, Kosovo has been a region of Serbia for over 619 years. And, it is not an expansion project. It's the heartland of Serbia. Therefore, it's a reasonable case to question what is going on in Kosovo. And... of course... my analogy still holds.

Kosova can cause international war between Russia and the US becuase of the Serbs' declaration that Russia can stop USA in all ways. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:52, 5 March 2008 (UTC)[]

No. In fact, all parties involved, including Russia, are focusing on a peaceful diplomatic approach.
An "international war"? Give me a break man...