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Dear Mr. Mark;

I represent as secretary to the Latar project a considerable new voice in Africa. a politics free zone that hold coruption and lawlessness the same. Its current President Mr. Shannon will be visiting Tampa Florida soon, but on personal reasons. The topic is about African cancer known as corruption. That this Territory is aligned with No government todate. That its run by a Board of Governance and is in fact a corporation Held Territory. All relavant political body's, such as the new somali TFG government have been notified. US/UK/UN have legal varifiable notice. the Indepence Declaration can be faxed to wikipedia. The website can show our past year development. Any question your esteemed Organization maybe requested thru Thank You for your attention/ Michael Shawn--Michael Shawn - (talk) 13:41, 20 March 2008 (UTC)[]