Comments:Japanese detain two anti-whaling activists, deny abuse claims

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What these two men were doing was illegal and that they had to be detained is unquestionable. That is not to say I agree with what the Japanese are doing there in the first place. Abuse? Well, that is another question - I can imagine they didn't get welcomed with open arms ;-)Poeloq 13:51, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

It looks like all out war, to me, abuse had to have accured, my opinion of ICR is that its a cover for whaling and very little research is being conducted, a review of the ICR website was enough to convince me of that. I condone any actions of the anti-whaling pirates lawful or unlawful. this must be stopped, whales may be among most intelligent animals on the planet, and must be protected, at any cost. perhaps a life time in jail would be worth sinking a whaling ship.

The only "research" that the Japs are doing is documenting the size, weight, and location of the whales they kill so they can come back to that area and get some more whales later...just like every other fishing opperation.

Comments from feedback form - "BALDERDASH!!!!!!!!!!"Edit

BALDERDASH!!!!!!!!!! — (talk) 09:59, 10 May 2011 (UTC)

    I think the steve erwin should be all arressted they are pirates throwing glass bottles at innocent people who do they think they are a whales life is more important than a humans they are all narcocistic and crazy 2 think like that.The authorities should stop them immediatly it's rediculous 2 let that happen puttin human and animal lives in jeopardy the japanese have a quota there allowed 2 do the research the sea sheppard is just out there causing more lives 2 be dangered there not helping nothin thats my oppinion but it needs 2 be stopped at once there is 2 many young people listening 2 paul watson he's like a charles manson cult with all his little followers i just can't believe people don't see that and that episode where he claimed 2 be shot and the badge saved him please they set that up leave the japanese alone they don't deserve it.                               sincerly,Charles Muscarella an American