Comments:Japan suggests dumping Fukushima waste at sea as radiation hits lethal levels

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Unsurprising104:12, 9 October 2013
Why dont the japanese use robots?111:47, 15 September 2013


As disappointing as a release of this muck into the sea would be, I'm hardly surprised it's on the cards. The ocean has long been seen as the out of sight, out of mind solution. Currents from Japan already head over sensitive regions before heading into some of the most polluted waters in the world. And, the sea has an uncanny ability to make things turn up in unexpected places years on. Unsurprising, yes, but a disappointing and ultimately cowardly solution.

Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs)17:12, 2 September 2013

The tanks are metal. Why not just enclose the tank with another tank. 4 walls, a roof and pour liquid metal under it to make a bottom as in sure the tank is off the ground and would be hard to build a floor around the support structure (talk)04:12, 9 October 2013

Why dont the japanese use robots?

Why don't they use radio controlled robots (something like bomb-squad robots) to perform tasks that would be harmful/deadly to humans to accomplish?
The robots could weld and do all kinds of things if they where constructed right. I mean they have built advanced robots like ASIMO before, they should be able to build a custom robot that can do what they need. (talk)08:07, 5 September 2013

The problem is TEPCO, who haven't even put anything as advanced as a guauge on the tanks so you can tell how much water is in them.

Blood Red Sandman (Talk) (Contribs)11:47, 15 September 2013