Comments:High school orders shot glasses as prom favors

These are traditional prom favors.Edit

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I went to high school in Alpena, MI. I received a beer mug my freshman year in 2003 and by 2007 for my senior prom we'd been brainwashed into picture frames. We need to stop being so puritanical. It's bad for America.

Agreed entirely. Everyone is so scared of everything it's amazing that the roads even have cars or people even speak because they might offend.-- (talk) 08:37, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

I think this is retarded

I want my shot glass

Is this news?Edit

Seriously, this would barely make local papers. This is NOT news.

==Well, one of the sources is WGAL, which happens to be a LOCAL NEWS WEBSITE.

Well, having been the advisor of a senior class, I wondered why alcoholic vessels were part of the favor list that you could chose from. Of course the kids are going to pick them as the potential gift. And they are very affordable. I feel it is the right thing for the administration to accept responsibility, but this is definitely a comedy of errors that I totally understand. I would offer this as proof that the educators of today are overworked. But you still can't make mistakes like this one unless you are trying to get you principal fired!!!

I agree that this isn't international news. As far as I know, giving shot glasses as prom favors was once common practice and they only recently phased the process out at my high school (probably within the last five years, or the five years previous to my graduation in 2007). I certainly do not support the practice, but that doesn't mean it warrants my reading it on WikiNews. GPHemsley (talk) 21:44, 11 May 2009 (UTC)

I went to a highschool prom in 2000 as a sophmore, and again in 2003 at a different school as a senior. At the first the favor was shot glasses, and the second we got champagne flutes. Neither one got any media coverage or any reaction from anyone. I would wager this is a common occurrance accross the US. Voting "Not News" (talk)



yes thats insane, and it does send a message condoning underage drinking... i can beleive i just read that

I don't like it a bit. Jesus needs more angels.

shot glassesEdit

in all reallity giving away shot glasses at a prom is a very acceptable thing and the class should be proud of their history and dare i say ground breaking desicions. Also the banning of the confederate flag is basic discriminating against the white students where are their rights. If they want to express their southern heritage they should be allowed to. Otherwise any black students who wear baggy clothes should be suspended for their acts of black supremacy!


While that may be true why bring that up?

Too Much'?Edit

As a prom gift from any education level shouldn´t be a problem as of promote underage drinkig, but as something funny to remember and tell as a story to your family.

Also as a personal experience I had from my elementary prom a red wine glass with my generation and I never went into alcohol pior being legal.

Shot Glasses OK as prom favorsEdit

What's the difference in a champagne flute or a beer stein and a shot glass? I am this year's prom sponsor, and our class has voted to order shot glasses this year, with full understanding and approval of the school administration. Traditionally, prom favors have been the former alcoholic beverage containers. Is condoning underage consumption of wine and beer ok? Where does the line get drawn?