Comments:Healing ozone layer may contribute to global warming

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Great!!! The lower carbon consumption is a excuse for creating a global tax system. Its about time we payed real prices for flying and cheaper travel instead of letting carbon tax eat up what remains of our global economy.



Personaly i just think that this is all caused, because Antartica is only 1,2000 miles above the earths core. It's nature.

Ad hominim repeat deleted, thanks. There was no hole in the ozone layer before we started spraying Floruocarbons into the air. TBH, a carbon tax will end up hurting us more than helping. what we ned, is real renewable power, and not keep trying to find an excuse to continue burning coal/oil/Fossil fuels. also, Someone sic sinebot on this thread please (talk) 15:38, 28 January 2010 (UTC)Reply