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I always been affected when I see or heard news about eathquake especially the natural disasters that is beyond our control.What it makes so difficult is the rehabilitation that the damage has caused and especially the casualties or people that had been hurt or killed and what's it comes to my mind Oh boy Jesus Christ will again give an emergency particulate judgement to these poor people.But a lot of people would comment like its ends of time or its signs of time but it kind of remind of Superman in the movie.Remember that Jesus was forced to give the Olivet Discourse with regards to this and he use the fig tree in knowing the signs.I was kind a hurt when they hurt my only favorite star late Christopher Reeve as Superman .He is my only solution to this kind of disaster.God knows only why ? You may refer to Book of Matthew On Chapter 24.People should not comment its the end of the world or feeling guilty about ,they should not be scared of but what can I say this long time ancient act of love of helping one another brothers and sisters of one Nation the Royal Law that has been revealed (James 2:8 "Love One Another) This has always been my philosophy eversince I am surviving.It must be a "Wake Up Call" for everyone but the message is pretty clear.Whatever you do to the least of your brother you have done it to the Lord.God Bless. This is Jay's comment .

you religous fool its times like these that prove that a benevolent, all powerfull and all knowing god dosent exist.Its time like these that help serve as an eye opener to those that refuse to give aid and see catastrophe as an act of god. There IS no god, even if there was one he is either weak, unable to see the future of his creation or evil.

"Please remain on topic and avoid offensive or inflammatory comments where possible." --Wolfcm (talk) 21:58, 16 January 2010 (UTC)Reply
  • Some people find evangelising, appeals to a nonsensical 'higher authority', or the quoting of scripture, highly offensive and inflammatory comments. I don't mind people being religious as long as they keep it as a private affair; wear it on your sleeve, blame someone's plight for lack-of faith, or spout unsubstantiated nonsense in an effort to convert and you can expect called on it. The comment you are responding to is perfectly acceptable on Wikinews. --Brian McNeil / talk 03:46, 17 January 2010 (UTC)Reply

So many have responded with their time and money and materials. I would like to see more indepth coverage of the Scale of the releif and reconstruction. I think people will rise to the ocasion if they know what is needed or how much or when. For instance I do not know weather the funds are flowing to materials or labor fast enough. I don't know how much capacity is used at the ports or other access points. And with 300,000 people (homeless and jobless?) there is a great need to begin the cleanup along with basic emergency services. I think it shoudl be the largest effort of it's kind.. This will require some large inductrial equipment and coordination.