Comments:Former detainees allege abuse at US Bagram base in Afghanistan

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Don't care. Taliban and their supporters are subhuman.-- (talk) 21:27, 24 June 2009 (UTC)Reply

The Real Face of America


This is not the first time this has happened.... A few years ago Moazzam Baig the british detainee on this cursed airbase reported a woman being tortured in this way

Later it was found the the woman none other than Afia Siddiqui.... later identified by the Human Rights Commossion of Pakistan as the woman put in RENDITION with her kids from karachi on 2002...

See what is the power of US dollars on its faithful dogs

...we know for a fact that Al Qaida/the Taliban specifically instruct their captured members to falsely claim abusive treatment to any humanitarian NGO or journalist who is in earshot. Allegations without evidence isn't enough to draw any meaningful conclusions, especially considering that the allegations are from enemies that are specifically trained to try and use our moral codes against us.

Absolutely. Persians(now iranians) Used to castrate every male in every village they conquered as a way to kill morale of the opposition. The mear implication that these enemy combatants are there by chance is slim. Oppressors will always hold others to extreme standards they themselves have no intent in keeping.

I don't think the question is whether the US should detain prisoners in one base or another. Bases are just places. Abuse can happen or not happen in any place. Such allegations prey on the ignorance and compassion of the American people. If the American people's trust had not already been betrayed by their government committing torturous acts on prisoners in the past, Americans would give little heed to these allegations. The facts are: the US government has been proven to have done such things in the past, leading members of the US government have spoken publicly and repeatedly in support of using, and I quote "Advanced Interrogation Techniques", the US news organizations (*cough* like Fox *cough*) show marked bias, often failing to report that which they see as a threat to their political views, legal means have been used in the past to strip prisoners of rights to humaine treatment (such as calling them "illegal combatants"), and there is no way for the American people to know the truth because practically everything reguarding these prisoners is classified.

I think the real issue boils down to this: if it meant stopping a terrorist attack that might kill hundreds or even thousands, would we Americans support the torture of even a single man? When scared for our lives do we abandon the ideals upon which our nation was founded? When faced with an enemy who hides among us, plotting our destruction from within, must we become like our enemies to defend ourselves? Has fear overwhelmed our pricipals? If so, then our nation truly has been wounded, perhaps even mortally.

Signed, Quag —Quagthistle (talk) 03:59, 1 July 2009 (UTC)Reply