Comments:Former Scientology executives say leader David Miscavige abused staff

What do you think of the statements made by the former Scientology executives?Edit

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04:08, 24 June 2009 (UTC)04:08, 24 June 2009 (UTC)

Why is it that we continue to pay any attention to these people? Cults are everywhere. One of my greatest embarrassments in being a human being is our "need" to find "meaning" in life. How far we'll go in concocting "meaning" out of nothing is summed up in cults like Scientology. All religions are evil. All self-less acts of kindness are good. All religion-like organizations which encourage or require cash or kind contributions should be closed down, their leaders arrested and convicted of fraud. As punishment, they should be made to strip naked in the town square then forced to repay society by requisitioning all their assets for the benefit of those social agencies which actually do make a difference in the lives of the needy. When they finally break down and repent of their ego and narcissism, they can be thanked and released.

I´ve been part of the Church myself, I´ve heard my own seniors opinions about private meetings with Mr. Miscavige and being terrified when called for meeting with him. They wouldn´t say specifics, afraid of being called "dissafected" with the Church leader, but I know that those comments, half words and "you don´t want to know" were enough to me to know he was harsh with them. I also know their reactions with lower rank staff, after a meeting with DM. Directions and orders issued to lower staff were off the rails, and sometimes impossible to comply with.

We have been days without sleep, not allowed to go home until certain quotas met. I have been once, 3 days without going home to sleep, except to take a shower, and called back on my cell phone when I was 1 hour off. Woken up during the night every 2 or 3 hours, wihtout allowing me to have a full night sleep. I went almost crazy, and only wanted to run away to be able to sleep. If I would disconnect my phone, then a security guard would come to my room to get me on the phone. NUTS!

I am sure scientology beliefs and technology is good and works, however, the way DM is ruling this organization and the way he makes his liutenants rule their "troops" is crazy. I can asure you that the lower staff are the most dedicated and goodhearted people I ever met in my life and many are still there, because they believe in Scientology. I did endure a long time, because I believed in the tech and helped me a lot. But one day I couldn´t take it any more and said: THAT´S ENOUGH.

I can sadly say, Scientology works but the organization leader and the ways the staff is treated, will make this fantastic tech dissapear. I hope something changes, and fast.

An ex-staff, who is afraid of publishing his name.