Comments:Ex-minister says UK Cabinet was "misled" about legality of Iraq war

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Impressive! I mean of the courage this country has. On one hand such imbecils become key players and on the other hand a country run by idiots has the nerve to teach others how to live their lives. Only the shame of this dumb creature should have been enough to shut the door close and hide from the public opinion. But instead it comes forwards and explains something along the lines "I am a stupid child and the big bad wolf tricked me". Any decent man in that country should step forward to ask back the money lost by this monkey both in received wage and also because of the other spending related to her time in office.

A lorry driver there has to pay for the damages he provoked, yet this chimp (it sure looks like one in that photo) can come clean and say "I'm stupid, it's not my fault". How can people live in such a dump?

What now is the comment?