Comments:ElBaradei says no 'concrete evidence' of Iranian nuclear weapons program

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Iran has a right to develop its own nuclear power. Israel and the US are only worried about weapons development and what they must do to counter it.

As a relatively neutral and informed observer, it sounds like the IAEA’s ElBaradei is saying ‘No Weapons of Mass Distruction here’. Where have we heard that recently? Is anybody listening?

The IAEA puts a different light on the validity of the beligerent rhetoric coming from Bush and Cheney in the ‘Related Stories’. Russia's Putin is in the middle and rightly concerned, so it is spreading. Clancy 03:06, 29 October 2007 (UTC)

wait OMG yeah they said that before iraq and OMG they where right!!! less mockingly there are many legitimate reasons to develop nuclear power. infact there are legitimate reasons to develope nuclear weapons, such as MAD, besides by the time iran developed nuclear weapons theyre delivery systems would be weak stoppable by the America centered missile shield!but none of this really matters as theres no evidence of them developing weapons82.45.210.78 15:27, 30 October 2007 (UTC)