Comments:Egypt protests: Army say they will not use force on demonstrators as Mubarak announces cabinet

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Comments from feedback form - "It would be nice if there was ..."

It would be nice if there was a direct reference to the military's statement. That is surely the essence of the news item. (talk)23:53, 12 February 2011

Youth and Democracy around the World

True DEMOCRACY is when the people govern their destiny and those how govern fearing them as it is the case with Egypt. Sadly the United State is using this historical in Egypt for propaganda around the world. The US portraits itself as the nation of democracy, let’s see if it’s true. We see how the United State government speaks about democratic principles while it maintains the people of the US ignorant of the true meaning of democracy. Every day President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary the press speaks about this historical event and how the Egyptian Government should listen to their people. President Obama and Secretary Clinton use world like freedom, human right violation, dictatorship, democracy, freedom of the press, etc., these are worlds they have no clue of their true meaning. In 2008, they went to the island of Puerto Rico to campaign for the United State Presidential election. They use Puerto Rican’s public funds for their campaign which is unlawful under the Puerto Rican Constitution, of course, a Constitution drafted by the United State Congress and imposed on the Puerto Rican’s people in 1952. The truth is, not one United Sate Citizen, while in the island of Puerto Rico can vote for any President of the USA, not even George Washington if alive today can vote for the President of the United State. Talk about democratic principles. Since 1898, every President of the USA has spoken secretly about the people of Puerto Rico and their political status. The United Nation recognizes Puerto Rico as the older colony in the world living under the imperial rule of the United State (United Nation General Assembly resolution 1514 (XV). We must not forget that while the United State goes immoral underwear around the world preaching democracy, that the world knows in what oppressive status the people of Puerto Rico are living. The world knows that the United State of America violates human rights in Puerto Rico and commits genocide in the island of Puerto Rico. The people in Puerto Rico know that the USA Coast Guard and the Central Intelligence Agency turns a blind eye on the smuggling of arms and drugs brought into Puerto Rico. Today the US Government presses on the puppets (Puerto Rico Government), that how they are call in the island, to suppress freedom of the press and deny any demonstration related to any democratic principles. Here in the United State no news paper, radio or television is permitted to talk about the United Nation and the situation with Puerto Rico. The threat of losing their jobs and license is there. We must use every mean available to educate ourselves and learn about Democracy in the United State, only then we can regain the image of a true DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY and be once again the world Shining Star . Knowing that by talking openly about democracy in the United State I am targeted by those who governs the United State of America. The youth of Egypt are showing the world what power true democracy has. Everything can be done without bloodshed or killing. Now, the youth of the world can see and learn, once the will of the people is united democracy is born.

[[Angel:] (User talk:SOTTLETX)20:23, 11 February 2011

Comments from feedback form - "thank you for your neutrality."

thank you for your neutrality. (talk)00:33, 8 February 2011

Comments from feedback form - "Good. Fluffy."

Good. Fluffy. (talk)22:45, 4 February 2011

Comments from feedback form - "GOOOD"

GOOOD (talk)17:11, 3 February 2011