Comments:Dozens of children killed in childcare center fire in Mexico

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    The cause of the fire is not necessairly the problem here!  When you have a "converted warehouse" with over (140) children inside, and only one exit, I think you have a serious infrastructure problem! I don't think Medina-Mora is going to solve any mysteries or "work out" any "corresponding responsibility". Who are you going to blame?  The average Mexican citizen must do whatever they have to in order to just survive. Due to lack of Health, Saftey, and Building officials, who else can you possible blame?  If Daniel Karam says,(MAY 26), that one exit is in compliance, than I guess (40)+ child casulties is acceptable!  I personally think, the cost of this investigation would be better spent on future saftey concerns and obvious infrastructure issues.    
    I am a concerned U.S. citizen with personal ties, and in the business of building and saftey.  It sickens me to think that the lack government support to state municipalities for saftey compliance "standards" may have caused this terrible tragedy!

         Shawn Elfberg  (

Mexico childcare center fireEdit

I just am wondering why the children weren't taken into consideration when the fire first broke out? I own a childcare center next to a bank and am at awe that the authorities don't notify surrounding areas esp when there are little helpless children involved of potential dangers. when it got robbed the authorities didn't think of the danger the children could be in. I got lucky that the robbers didn't come to my center to hide out. In fact we didn't know it was robbed until later that afternoon and the robber walked right past my building up the I was told. I realize that there are serious issues to be taken care of but a simple phone call from a disbater maybe would have avoided the heart aches of the parents of these little victums. When you send your child to daycare you never expect not to ever see that child again. You expect them to be in a safe enviorment until you return home. Maybe someone needs to look at this before another issue claims a life of an inosent child who had a long future to look forward to....My hear goes out to those families that have lost those little special people and my prayers go out to them.

in my opinion, thas situacion was a careless for the peolpe care them. the administration would be protect all children every time. that work is delicate, the mother`s children belive in that chilcare. they did`nt have plane in case of fire, for that situacion was kill many children. is important that all companies have protection in case of fire, lile evacuation sytem inmediatly.

Comments from feedback form - "Article is poor in analysis an..."Edit

Article is poor in analysis and just reports what the official sources mention about it. — (talk) 20:54, 7 February 2011 (UTC)