Comments:Deadly quake hits southwestern Pakistan

I looked for this bit of news, and what it brings is not so bad in terms of actuality, but i would like to see a more geological approach and context to such (earthquake) articles, perhaps it's a bit apocalyptic, however it's the information i come looking for, the relevance of the occurence, wether it's standard for the region, how it relates to the quake in 2006 geologically, how many stations in the area register(ed) what, etc. On al jazeera i read there are complaints about the government reaction, rather predictable this early, yet this is an area of pakistan i would think is rather populated, it would be interesting to know in what way the pakistani regions are actually prepared for what kind of earthquakes, (and how often..). 20:08, 30 October 2008 (UTC)

fuck em', the pakistani government dont ever help there own people when their has been a disaster such as earthquakes or landslides so why should we use our resources to help a country that clearly doesnt want it, yeah, ok, the people need the help but thats the job of their government and if they then ask for help then they should get it but until their gevernment starts to help i dnt think that we should.