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Comments from feedback form - "Neutrality issues, no opinions..."

Neutrality issues, no opinions against gun laws stated correctly. (talk)19:01, 7 July 2010


I don't even think the obvious point needs stated, but here it is anyway: Legal restrictions only impact people that follow laws in the first place!

But, aargh, as painful as it is to say, I don't think politicians are altogether dumb enough to believe it will. I think they know that they're repressing law-abiding individuals and that these ridiculously restrictive gun control laws are only there to increase their control of the populace.

People need to be able to own guns for two reasons: Protection from other people, and protection from oppressive government. Our representatives in government should be protecting us from oppression but instead are imposing new restrictions on we lower mortals as a first step on the road to a place we really don't want to go. (talk)12:29, 6 July 2010

USA going the way of Britain

It looks like things are going from bad to worse in the USA. Gun Laws only protect criminals, a complete ban on guns would mean that only criminals will possess guns, this is a story we know all too well in the UK. After the handgun ban in the UK in 1996-97 gun crime skyrocketed, and it is mainly down to gangs and drugs. If there are more responsible gun owners and reasonable self defence Laws, this will act as a deterrent and the criminals will think twice before using a gun. Guns cannot be un-invented, they are here to stay, banning them is not the answer as this will only effect the Law abiding. (talk)09:40, 6 July 2010

Once Again Chicago Looks the Other Way from the Real Problem

The problem isn't guns. It's gangs. I've never seen such violence in any other city I've lived in and been too. The hotspots for gang activity carry annual life ratios of 1 in 3.

If it's not guns then these kids are throwing balloons filled with bleach and acid. They're beating innocent kids with baseball bats and running them over. It's not guns.

The real problem is the gangs here are too big and strong and the city looks the other way on this issue.

The solution isn't gun regulation. The solution is bringing in the National Guard and "cleaning house." Get rid of the vicious gangs and the killings will decrease profoundly. (talk)21:21, 5 July 2010

Chicago FAILS

Look at other cities and states that have _legal_ guns, and reasonable laws. Typically they are safer. Take a look at Reno, NV - a lot of the city isn't exactly "nice". But guess what... you can legally own machine guns in Nevada. No one is going to run around carjacking random people when there is a 50/50 chance that the vehicle has a pistol strapped to the dashboard. Unless of course that vehicle has a Cali license plate, in which case they are defenseless and fair game.

ShakataGaNai ^_^06:19, 4 July 2010

I understand some public officials are trying to help, but the anti-gun laws only effect law abiding citizens and not the criminals. --KDP3 (talk) 06:02, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

KDP3 (talk)06:02, 5 July 2010

Yup. That's how it always is. Make guns illegal and the only ones that will have them are criminals. It isn't like they buy them legitimately in the first place...

ShakataGaNai ^_^19:31, 5 July 2010

Comments from feedback form - "Not any opinions against gun r..."

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Not any opinions against gun regulation stated. Thus this in turn affects completeness. Omits information about what gun shops in city will be required to do. If this is a new regulation in effect one would assume it reqires ALL shops to adhere. Go Chicago its time things get moving in the right direction. (talk)03:09, 4 July 2010